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Business Communication Center

We’re dedicated to your growth as a communicator. We’ve created the Business Communication Center to help each student become clear, concise and thoughtful writers and speakers.

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How the center works

The Business Communication Center offers writing and presentation coaching to School of Business students.

Writing coaches

Our writing coaches can help you improve your business school papers before you turn them in. Bring a draft of your paper to your appointment and receive feedback from an expert in business writing.

Presentation coaches

Meeting with a presentation coach is an excellent way to improve your communication skills. When you take advantage of presentation coaching in the BCC, your practice presentation is recorded and immediately reviewed with your coach. You will receive specific feedback during your session on how to enhance your delivery and content, allowing you to give a more polished presentation in class.


  • The Business Communication Center will be closed over the summer.


What to know

Any student with a written assignment or presentation for a class in the School of Business is welcome to use the center. The coaches in the BCC are only available to review business school assignments. For example, if you are a journalism major taking a marketing class, you are welcome to bring your marketing assignments to the BCC.

The KU Writing Center is a great resource for classes outside the business school. The Writing Center is also an excellent option if the appointments available in the BCC do not fit your schedule.

Please schedule an appointment in advance using our online system.

Each student is limited to one visit to the BCC each day. For example, you cannot schedule an appointment at both 1pm and 3pm to review your progress on an assignment. There are a limited number of appointments each day; we need to assist as many students as possible.

You are welcome to visit the center without an appointment. However, a writing coach may not be available to see you immediately. Please schedule an appointment several days in advance to guarantee that you can receive assistance on your upcoming assignments.

You are welcome to use the BCC for team projects. If working on a team presentation, all members of the team should attend the appointment.

Please cancel your appointment if you cannot attend. If you miss two appointments without giving notice, you may be blocked from using the center’s services.

For writing appointments, bring your assignment draft (a hard copy is preferred), the assignment guidelines, rubric, and any additional materials from your professor.

In a presentation coaching session you will give your entire presentation in front of your coach. Please bring your presentation notes and any visual aids (PowerPoint, handouts) you plan to use.

Your coach is not your professor. The writing and presentation coaches working in the center are experts in the principles of business communication. However, they do not set the specific guidelines for your assignment or grade your work. Please refer to your assignment, rubric, course materials, and professor for specific questions regarding assignment expectations.

Communication coaching is an active process. Your coach will not just “fix” your paper or presentation. Instead, you will work together to identify areas of weakness and discuss how to improve. Come to each coaching session prepared to learn and engage in the process.

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