Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Programs in International Business

International Dimension Requirement

Every KU business school student is required to complete an International Dimension Requirement that includes several options, all meant to grow the students’ knowledge of international business.  The options include foreign language study, area studies courses, study abroad, or a combination of these.   KU has nationally recognized foreign language and area studies courses available across campus. Review our handout to learn more.

Concentration in International Business

The School offers a concentration in international business. Students earn a primary degree and a concentration.  Employers are more likely to hire graduates who have strong business skills first, and international skills second. Getting into an international business career requires establishing yourself as a good business employee first, and then you can build on your international business knowledge to help your company do business abroad. View our handout to learn more.

Concentrations Outside the School of Business

Business students can also earn concentrations in departments outside the School, including foreign language and Area Studies.  For more information, please contact nmvalliere@ku.edu​.

Dean’s Certificate in International Business 

For students who want to go the “extra mile”  we also offer a Dean’s Certificate in International Business, which requires that students demonstrate foreign language proficiency, have a significant experience abroad in a world area where that language is spoken, and take a set of international business and area studies classes.  For more information on the dean’s certificate, please contact nmvalliere@ku.edu​.

Students who complete the Dean's Certificate may qualify for the KU's Global Awareness Program (GAP) Certificate.

Study Abroad Opportunities

We encourage students to go  beyond the classroom for an unmatchable learning experience. With dedicated scholarships available for international programs, the School enables many Business students to study abroad for varying lengths at various times of the year. Our focus on the importance of international experience and global business activity distinguishes us as a leading school in international business.

Semester Abroad

KU offers study abroad opportunities in dozens of different countries. We encourage undergraduate business students to spend a semester or at least a summer abroad. An overview of the programs is available online through the KU Office of Study Abroad. There are so many possibilities that we are in the process of streamlining these opportunities for business students to help with the decision-making. See an advisor (SUM 206) to discuss your study abroad coursework.

Business School Scholarships are available

Business School Study Abroad Scholarships

UBC scholarship application

Additional scholarship opportunities may be available through the Office of Study Abroad.


Study Abroad Partner Institutions for Student Exchange

In addition to the many opportunities through the Office of Study Abroad, the KU School of Business currently has partner institutions in China, France, Czech Republic, Germany, and Costa Rica, to facilitate international exchanges. Scholarships available. The School belongs to an international consortium (CIMBA) with campus based in Italy. For more information on the CIMBA program, please visit the website: www.cimbaitaly.com

Study Abroad Short-term Programs

We have developed a number of KU Business School short-term (10 days to 3 weeks) programs. In 2013-2014, we have three short-term faculty-led programs (India, Israel, and Panama) and one partner-sponsored program (Germany) for undergraduates.


Description: KU Professor Kissan Joseph will teach the course, Marketing in the Global Environment, on the campus of the Asian School of Business. A "Marketing in India" module will be taught by ASB faculty. The program will include visits to regional companies and discussions with their upper-level executives. Cultural activities will include two-day trips and are included as part of this program.  Learn more information

Israel  (New in 2014!)

Description:  Wally Meyer, Jr, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, will teach the course, Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Israel at the Technion Institute in Israel.  The program is designed to focus on technology from a mcommercial standpoint.  Learn more information


Description:  KU Lecturer Roger Woody will lead the short-term program to Panama Winter Break 2014 and Summer 2014.  Students will gain an understanding of supply chain management in the global market through exploration of supply chain and logistic practices of U.S. and Panamanian businesses. Learn more information

China  (Summer 2014)   


Description: The class will attend lectures at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and meet with Chinese graduate business students. Company visits will include firms such as Golden Meditech, Sohu.com, Black and Veatch, Invista, YRC Worldwide, and others in Beijing and Shanghai. We will also visit representatives of organizations such as the Kansas Department of Commerce International Trade Office and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Students will explore the culture of Shanghai and Beijing, with visits to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and Shanghai's financial district, and will have an opportunity to ride the magnetic levitation (Maglev) train at 287 mph. Learn more


Description: This program near Frankfurt-Germany, is offered through a new partnership between the KU School of Business and the European Business School.  Learn more information

Scholarships are available for short-term study abroad programs. Students submit a "Statements of Interest" when applying online for short-term programs, and these will be used to determine scholarships.

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