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Mentorship Program


The School of Business Mentoring Program is designed to bring together students and professionals that share common professional interests.   This mentoring relationship will enable Business students to be better supported as they explore varied career opportunities and assist them as they navigate those early years of professional life.

Mentors and students will be paired based on a variety of factors, including common career interests and geographic preferences.  The matching process for this program will occur once each semester of the School year, typically occurring in October of the Fall semester and March of the Spring semester.  There will be an expectation for both individuals to engage each other on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship grows and benefits both the student and the professional.  Currently there are no formal requirements regarding the frequency and structure of these meetings, as we hope to allow each mentoring relationship to develop in a way that best suits the individuals involved.  Additional program details will be provided to mentors and students once they have been formally matched.


Most individuals can think of people in their lives, more experienced than themselves, who taught them something new, or simply expressed an interest in their development as a person and professional. They helped them negotiate an uphill path or find an entirely new path to a goal in their academic, career, or personal lives.  They pointed out talents that individuals hadn't noticed in themselves and stimulated ideas about what they might be able to accomplish. They nudged them when they needed a nudge.  These are the reasons people engage in mentoring relationships and hopefully these are the same reasons that KU students and business professionals will choose to participate in the School of Business Mentoring Program.


Students within the KU School of Business that are interested in participating in this program only need to fill out this Mentoring Application Form and email it, along with a copy of their resume, to Cheryl Webb.  Students also have the option to bring their application and resume directly to Room 125 of Summerfield Hall.

Professionals that are interested in becoming mentors simply need to fill out this very brief Mentor Information Form.  This program is open to any Alumni from the University of Kansas, as well as any other professionals that are looking for an opportunity to connect with KU and provide assistance to our Business students. 


Any questions regarding the KU School of Business Mentoring Program can be directed to Cheryl Webb at cwebb@ku.edu or 785-864-8045.