International Student Resources

Many international students are interested in seeking employment in the United States following graduation. As an international student, you should be aware that this process can be very difficult given US Immigration laws. The job search process is seldom easy for anyone, but for international students it can be especially confusing.

The International Student Job Search Handout has been created to give our International students some specific tips about the employment process and the hiring complexities associated with obtaining the necessary sponsorship.  There are also some websites listed below, along with Going Global, that are specifically designed to assist International Students with their career search: Specifically targeted to the foreign MBA student Foreign Labor Certification. Allows you to view the H1-b Labor Certification Database to identify employers that do not have policies that prohibit them from interviewing or hiring international applicants seeking sponsorship. American Immigration Network. The United States Immigration services for individuals, business, and organizations by a team of experienced, licensed immigration attorneys. Complete immigration do-it-yourself kits.