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Institute for International Business

The Institute for International Business (IIB)

The Institute for International Business (IIB) coordinates and supports the internationalization of students and faculty. IIB helps guide the School's strategy for international initiatives, curriculum and policies, and devotes resources to support those efforts.  We encourage students going beyond the classroom for an unmatchable learning experience.  We believe international experience is key to preparing students for leadership positions in the global marketplace.

In addition to longstanding programs at Groupe ESC Clermont-Ferrand, France and CIMBA in Italy, the School has built partnerships with two universities in China (Sun Yat Sen and University of International Business and Economics); one in Germany (European Business School); one in Costa Rica (The University of Costa Rica); one in the Czech Republic (Masaryk University); and India (Goa Institute of Management). These partnerships facilitate the exchange of students and faculty, research focusing on international business, and short-term projects such as case competitions.

The IIB Team consists of professors Tailan Chi (Chair), Venkat Bendapudi, Melissa Birch, Andrew Chen, Kissan Joseph, Suman Mallik, director John Hedeman, and assistant director Suzanne Scales. The team meets monthly during the academic year. Please contact Tailan Chi at chi@ku.edu1 for further information.

Student Programs in International Business

Undergraduate Students

The University of Kansas School of Business is tucked in the heart of the Midwest, but for students, it’s a first-class ticket to anywhere.  We believe international experience prepares students for the global marketplace.  All business students are required to complete the international dimension requirement.  With dedicated scholarships available for international programs, the School enables many Business students to study abroad for varying lengths at various times of the year. Our focus on the importance of international experience and global business activity distinguishes us as a leading school in international business.

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Graduate Students

Almost half of our graduate students went abroad last year.

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Other International Business Activities

The Institute for International Business helps internationalize students and faculty and we support a variety of activities such as conferences, faculty research and student participation in business community program.  In March 2013, the School of Business hosted a day-long executive conference on China

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language software is available in the business school labs.  It's a great way to brush up on the languages you have already learned.  Maybe you are planning to take a formal language course -- you can try out the language in the lab!  Many languages and levels are available. Learn more.  Contact nmvalliere@ku.edu for more information.

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