Accounting B.S.B.

  • Accounting B.S.B.
  • Business Administration B.S.B.
  • Finance B.S.B.
  • Information Systems B.S.B.
  • Supply Chain Management B.S.B.
  • Management & Leadership B.S.B.
  • Marketing B.S.B.
  • Minor in Business
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration for Working Professionals
  • Business PHD
  • MSB Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Business Ph.D.
  • Masters of Business Administration

KU Core Curriculum

We believe it’s critical for students to not only gain a broad-based business education, but to supplement that education with specialization in a specific area. This powerful combination allows our students to excel in any business environment.
Freshmen students entering KU in the fall 2013 and beyond will complete the KU Core curriculum for general education requirements. Consult the new major program guide.
Transfer students that start classes at KU between fall 2013 and summer 2015 have the option to opt-out of the KU Core curriculum and complete the previous general education guidelines instead. Consult the previous general education program guide.
Transfer students that start at KU in the fall 2015 or later must complete the KU Core requirements for graduation. Learn more about the KU Core Curriculum.

Business Foundation

  • ACCT 200: Financial Accounting I
  • ACCT 201: Managerial Accounting I
  • DSCI 202: Statistics
  • IST 202: Intro to Information Systems
  • ECON 142: Microeconomics 
  • ECON 144: Macroeconomics

Core Courses

  • MKTG 310: Marketing
  • SCM 310: Management Science and Operations Management
  • FIN 310: Finance
  • MGMT 310: Organizational Behvaior
  • BLAW 301 (GE 11): Legal Aspects of Business
  • BE 301: Managerial Economics

Accounting Major Courses

  • ACCT 303: Intro to the ACCT profession
  • ACCT 320: Financial Accounting II
  • ACCT 325: Managerial Accounting II
  • ACCT 311: Information Systems for ACCT
  • ACCT 330: Intro to Taxation
  • ACCT 410: Financial Accounting III
  • ACCT 543: Intro to Auditing
  • ABE: Any Business Course #320 or higher
  • ABE: Any Business Course #320 or higher